Dreadful Quality The Shadows Lengthen features 100% custom art created in Blender exclusively for the game! This is not just another asset flip, but a complete game with all parts created for a single evil purpose! Endless Horror Run as far as you want in any direction! Jump in your car and head for the highway! There is no end to the horror. Explore an endless procedurally generated game environment. True Monster Rules Why are monsters fun? Because they have RULES! Monsters in this game look and behave exactly as their lore dictates! Vampires cannot enter unless invited, Werewolves can be killed by a silver bullet and Wendigos - well they don't seem to have any weakness so run like hell? Advanced AI Custom AI that is devious and clever. Turn out the lights and play with a heuristic AI. Monsters will be devilishly clever. The only think more terrifying that seeing one is the dark, is knowing that these monsters are watching you back. Happy Nightmares!



I am creating video games with Blender. My flagship game product is "The Shadows Lengthen," a terrifying video game experience that asks, "what choices would you make in a scary story?"

 If you've ever felt frustrated with horror films and wished you could control the protagonist, and the monsters behaved like real monsters! this game is for you!


  •  You will face down against  ALL the classic monsters from MYTH and LEGEND.
  •  The monsters will operate according to the rules of their own lore.
  •  The goal of the game is to survive until the sun rises, using any tools or strategies at your disposal.


soooo... you can do whatever you want!!


Right!  You can choose to fight, hide, flee, or negotiate. But remember the rules for your given monster: vampires can't enter a house uninvited, werewolves can only be killed by a silver bullet, and alien abductions--well, good luck with that! As far as I know, that's a tough pickle to escape.



The game will be an open-world level featuring a cabin in the woods.


Every 6 to 8 months, I will roll out and release a new monster that will be available for the player to face down, ranging from creatures from popular fiction (Vampire, Witch, Werewolf, Ghost) to the more obscure cultural legends (Wendigo, Chupacabre, Banshee, Mothman).


It will be running entirely on the blender game engine.

Ok cool, but aren't there better game engines out there? Why are you using Blender?


WHY? Because Blender is the best design tool. It is not only a wonderful tool, but the creators and users of Blender share my ideals of co-authorship, collaboration, and altruism. It's time the Blender game engine got great games under its belt regardless of it's percieved shortcomings. I want to really show the world what blender game engine can do!



I am creating this for PC release and hopefully other consoles in the future.

Be sure to check out my patreon for a more complete overview of the game and to get cool exclusive rewards for backers!


Meet The Team! Meet the people behind The Shadows Lengthen
I am an artist living in Brooklyn New York. I have a black belt in most content creation software. I code in python, 3D in Blender and do consulting for creative departments

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